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Why Choose The Baker Benefit Group?

At The Baker Benefit Group we specialize in finding the best benefit solutions for our clients. Knowledge and skills matter when developing a benefit program that meets a client’s unique needs. Our many years as insurance company employees have helped us gain experience in sales, customer service, underwriting, product development and project management, and form the basis of The Baker Benefit Group’s expertise. This expertise, combined with more than 15 years of experience in developing customized benefits programs for clients, has allowed us to develop strong relationships with key employees and leaders at many insurance companies. We have a proven track record of creating and implementing successful employee benefit programs, and insurance carriers trust us. This partnership helps us meet the unique needs of each of our clients. As a team, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service. In short, our clients can count on us to be there for them throughout the process of building optimal benefit programs.

Our Approach

The Baker Benefit Group is a client-focused, customer service organization. Our primary goal is to be a knowledgeable resource and advocate for clients and their employees. We provide services to clients directly through partnerships with other brokers and consultants, and as a fee-based consulting firm.  The Baker Benefit Group partners with clients to create customized benefit programs. We offer a full range of services, including developing enrollment strategies and employee communication pieces, and assisting employees with enrollment. We also assist clients by providing ongoing account management and delivering customer service at the individual employee level.  The Baker Benefit Group manages ongoing renewals for clients through the analysis of claim experience data and the preparation and presentation of premium renewal packages. 

How We Can Help

The Baker Benefit Group specializes in the following insurance product lines:

 In addition to our core product services, we help clients with:

  • Absence Management, completing a full review of employee absence programs including conducting market surveys and implementing new plans.
  • Employee Assistance Plans, consulting with clients to determine the best vendors for Employee Assistance Plans.
  • Voluntary Benefits, completing market reviews for various voluntary insurance plans including Critical Illness, Short Term Disability, and AD&D.

 We are also able to provide international benefits assistance for our clients.