Long Term Care

Why Long Term Care Insurance?

Long term care insurance is a critical benefit for employees. More than 70% of people over age 65 will need some form of long term care during their lifetime. This risk is the largest unfunded liability many people have. A long term care insurance program provides employees with much needed asset protection.

Our Approach

The long term care insurance industry is currently in turmoil with some carriers exiting the market and others increasing rates significantly. This has impacted many employers’ existing long term care insurance plans, and they must look for new solutions. We have assisted many clients with transitioning to new long term care insurance plans. The Baker Benefit Group conducts detailed market reviews to find the best long term care insurance program solutions for our clients based on their goals and their employee populations. We manage the program enrollments and help to educate employees about the risks of needing long term care and the benefits of a long term care insurance program. We provide ongoing account management for each of our clients’ programs and are available to support the participating employees.

How We Can Help

We design and administer long term care insurance programs that meet the unique needs of each organization.  We will help you with the following:

  • Designing a long term care insurance program
  • Obtaining quotes from insurance carriers
  • Developing and implementing the enrollment plan
  • Providing ongoing service to both the employer and individual insured