Group Life and Disability

Why Group Life and Disability Insurance?

Group life and disability insurance benefits are a cost effective way to protect employees from the risks associated with death and disability. They are both commonly provided employee benefits, offered on either an employer-paid or voluntary basis.

Our Approach

As a broker/consultant, The Baker Benefit Group works closely with clients to develop and execute proposals for group insurance programs. We have extensive experience in conducting reviews of existing insurance programs and developing benefit program alternatives to meet our clients’ needs.  Once a group life or disability insurance plan is in place, we act as a single point of contact for both the client and insurance carrier, providing consistent, high quality service. We also manage the ongoing renewals for our clients through the analysis of claim experience data and the preparation and presentation of premium renewal packages. The Baker Benefit Group works closely with our clients to ensure they understand the drivers of their group insurance costs and that they have the best coverage available for their specific situations.

How We Can Help

We design and administer group life and disability insurance programs that meet the unique needs of each organization.  We will help you with the following:

  • Reviewing existing group life and disability insurance programs
  • Obtaining quotes from insurance carriers
  • Managing renewal processes
  • Providing ongoing maintenance of the programs